How to Tell You’re a Douchebag



z-douchebag-sqHow to Tell You’re a Douchebag
Director & Writer:
Tahir Jetter

Ray Livingston is a relationship-blogging hack (“freelance writer, actually”) responsible for Brooklyn’s infamous blog, “Occasionally Dating Black Women.” The well-written, if not controversial, blog has generated some notoriety, but Ray is chafing from an overextended stay in New York, romantic ennui, and a stagnating writing career. After a particularly crappy week, he goes off on a tirade and harasses a gorgeous random passerby, only to discover that it’s Rochelle Marseille, one of New York’s up-and-coming authors. Moving to make amends in an effort to preserve his media clout, Ray is stunned when Rochelle gives him more than he ever thought she would.

Brimming with exciting new talent, How to Tell You’re A Douchebag is a fresh, buoyant, super-sexy comedy delivered with a twist for a generation addicted to their screens and digital accounts. First-time feature director Tahir Jetter intelligently retools old rom-com formulas to give us this smart and meaningful tale of a misogynist who falls in love. [MORE HERE]

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Charles Brice, DeWanda Wise, William Jackson Harper