What About Us? (18m, U S A) dir. by Deatra Harris

What About Us? Trailer from Bryan Johnson on Vimeo.

“What About Us?” is a film about the abduction of two little girls, one the daughter of a superstar athlete and the other the daughter of a middle-class business man.
One of these families is provided with unlimited resources and support, while the other family struggles to be heard. Will they simply accept societies criteria of whose child is worthy of attention or will they take matters into their own hands?



I wanted the artistic vision of the lm to be reective of how society deals with missing children but with a
twist. One of my favorite scenes in “A Time to Kill” is when Matthew McConaughey delivers his closing
arguments and has the jury close their eyes and while he describes the horric things that happened to the
black little girl he then tells them to “imagine she’s white”. I wanted this lm to imagine most of the missing
children were white and imagine most of the children receiving news coverage and police resources were
black. I believe it’s more powerful to allow the audience to really envision and feel what the “other side” feels
and experiences. I wanted “What About Us?” to turn the numbers upside down in a visual way. It’s reported
that 65% of all missing children are children of color with 42% of those children being black, yet it is rare for
these children to receive coverage in local news or national news.

Hopefully this lm can act somewhat as a mirror for families, news stations and police departments to show
the irrelevance of a child’s race, social and economic status or whom their parents are when they go missing.
As the director I wanted the cast and crew to understand the signicance of the project so I partnered with a
local organization, Peas in their Pods, who help families with missing children. With this partnership, we were
able to bring in a family with a missing child to talk to the cast and crew about the anguish and pain they
were living with while their child was gone. This meeting was intense and brought to the forefront the
signicance and importance of the subject matter giving every cast and crew member a sense of purpose
beyond just making a lm. I believe this came out in the performances and as the writer/director I’m so
proud of our entire cast and crew, not only of their talent but their commitment and their hearts.

‘What About Us?’ is a lm about the daughter of superstar athlete Ty Johnson and the daughter of middle
class businessman Brad Fuller, who were abducted one day a part. One of these families receive an abundant
amount of new coverage, while the other family learns what it’s like for the mostly poor, older, less auent,
mostly non-white families that have been ghting this media battle for decades trying to get help for their
missing children.

These families from dierent social and economical backgrounds share in the pain and anguish of having
their children missing but it becomes apparent they don’t share in the amount of coverage and resources
their children receive after their abductions. For one family, ‘What About Us?’ will expose the painful reality of
despair and helplessness far too many families experience when they try to ght to make their children’s
lives relevant enough for media outlets to care enough to report their stories.

As a small business owner for over 14 years, Deatra L. Harris knows what it takes to go after her dreams and
make things happen. She brought that tenacity to lmmaking in 2006 and hasn’t looked back. She has
strategically and creatively carved out an exciting lm career in just a few short years. She’s written and
directed several short lms and commercials that have shown in festivals across the US and Internationally.
She’s worked alongside Nickelodeon writing executives as well as some of the most talented Independent
lmmakers in the game today.

Deatra co-produced the critically acclaimed Independent Film Kinyarwanda, which garnered many festival
awards including the prestigious Sundance World Cinema Audience Award in 2011. Kinyarwanda was the
rst feature lm under her production company, Visigoth Pictures. She is committed to her community and
bringing positive images of women to the screen. Deatra is developing an animation project and also plans
to continue writing and producing feature lms.

ALRICK BROWN – Executive Producer
Alrick Brown has a MFA from NYUs Tisch School of the Arts. A lmmaker and teacher, he has found his calling
writing, directing, and producing narrative lms and documentaries often focusing on social issues aecting
the world at large. It was after visiting the slave castle of Elmina, in Ghana, that he was inspired to attend lm
school. For over two years he served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Cote d’Ivoire. The interactions with the
people of his village and his overall experiences in West Africa have informed his creative expression; an
expression rst fostered by his birth in Kingston, Jamaica and migration to, and upbringing in
Plaineld, New Jersey. A uent French speaker, he graduated from Rutgers University with a BA in English
and a Masters in Education. Since then he has devoted his energy to changing the world by giving a voice to
the voiceless and telling stories that otherwise would not be told.

JASMINE GUY – Executive Producer, Arlene Gomez
Since completing her run as Whitley Gilbert, Ms. Guy has divided her time between stage and screen. She
appeared with Halle Berry, Martin Sheen and Paul Wineld in the 1993 Alex Haley miniseries Queen and
laterhad guest appearances on many series, including Melrose Place, NYPD Blue, andFresh Prince of Bel-Air.
After marrying and giving birth to daughter Imani in 1999, she returned to the stage, winning acclaim for her
portrayal of Velma Kelly in Bob Fosses Chicago in performances all across America. Back on television in 2003,
she starred alongside Mandy Patinkin in Showtimes two-year hit series Dead Like Me. She will reprise her role
in a movie version due out in 2008.

In 2004, Ms. Guy published Evolution of a Revolutionary, an absorbing prole of Afeni Shakur, the mother of
slain rap star Tupac Shakur. Ms. Guy is active in many charities, including A Place Called Home, a community
safe house that oers food, security, sports, music and educational activities to more than 2,000 children in
south central Los Angeles. Among the centers oerings is a dance school, founded by Ms. Guy and now run
by her sister Monica

Bryan Johnson has been in lm and video production for over 14 years with vast experience in music videos,
corporate production and independent lm. His credits include: Swipe, which was featured in the Urbanworld Vibe Film Festival (New York) and the Langston Hughes African American Film Festival (Seattle); The
Movement, a project that was a top 3 nalist in the American Black Film Festival (Los Angeles) Be Reel
contest. Johnsons Swipe was part of an innovative groundbreaking project, 3Films 3Visions. The project was
the epitome of community lmmaking. Johnson, Alen Blake and Wineld Ezell came together to shoot 3
short lms over 9 days treating it as one project with three separate lms, utilizing the same crew, sharing
locations, and even actors.

Sharon Nyree Williams is a producer and solo performer in Seattle, Washington. In 2006 she produced the
short lm Swipe (Urbanworld Film Festival), co-produced the short lms Mary Jane and Sometimesin a
Dream; followed by a performance in Dating at the Speed of Life (Anchorage Alaska Film Festival). In 2009,
while working on her MFA Degree, she answered the call from lmmaker Deatra L. Harris to be a producer for
Addicted (Short lm Corner; Festival de Cannes). She also completed her rst short lm, From the Heart.
Sharon is the founder of The Mahogany Project and has written, produced and performed in the one-act
plays, Plight: I am My Brothers Keeper (Wilmington, DE Fringe Festival) and Circles of Life. Sharon believes the
best way to bring attention to social issues is through storytelling.

Actress and comedian Cassandra Freeman, best known for her co-starring roles as Denzel Washington’s love
interest in Spike Lee’s Inside Man and in Chris Rock’s I think I Love My Wife, Ms. Freeman has also performed
O Broadway in August Wilson’s Seven Guitars directed by Ruben Santiago–Hudson the creator of the HBO
movie hit Lakawana Blues, and performed in the world wide phenomenal play “Vagina Monologes” along
side Jane Fonda and Rosie Perez.

Ms. Freeman has appeared in several TV shows including: Shark, Numbers and The Good Wife. Some of Ms.
Freemans upcoming projects include: Morgan Freeman’s Wish Wizard also How We Got Away with It, Break
of Dawn and Blue Caprice starring Isaiah Washington. Her latest lm was the Sundance Film Festival 2011
World Cinema Audience Award winning movie Kinyarwanda.

RICO BALL – Ty Johnson
Rico was born and raised in Oakland, California. He has always believed that some people dream of success,
while others wake up and work hard at it. This hardworking actor/model has been performing since the age
of ve. Growing up, Rico was a dual-sport student athlete, but he never lost sight of his true dream: to
become a professional actor. As fate would have it, during a stage performance, Rico caught the eye of a
casting director which landed him a role on Tyler Perry’s House Of Payne and BET’s sketch comedy show,
Helldate. After touring on Madea’s Big Happy Family, Rico landed a role on USA’s Necessary Roughness
where he displays his childhood athletic ability as Marcus Alverez. Rico continues to strive for leading roles in
lm and television. His delivery is awless, and his recent foray into more dramatic roles shows that he has a
lot more to give and share.

EUGENIA YUAN – Catherine Li
A Hong Kong Film Awards winner and daughter of martial arts legend Cheng Pei Pei, Eugenia Yuan started
out her career not as an actress, but as a rhythmic gymnast for the U.S. Olympic Team and was ranked #4 in
the world.

Eventually switching career from an athlete to on-screen ingénue, Eugenia made her screen debut
co-starring with her mother in the martial arts picture Flying Dragon, Leaping Tiger. She caught the eye of
movie executives on both sides of the world who oered to groom her to inherit her mother’s kung fu crown.
Eugenia opted instead to co-star in the dark, low-budget feature charlotte sometimes which garnered an
honor at the Independent Spirit Awards and was publicly championed by Roger Ebert and featured in his
own Roger Ebert’s Overlooked Film Festival.

Eugenia returned to Hong Kong to star in Three where she was named “Best Newcomer” in the Hong Kong
Film Awards (Hong Kong’s equivalent of the Academy Awards). Soon after, Hollywood director Doug Liman
hand-picked her for the title role of the cult hit mockumentary Mail Order Wife which brought her to national
attention when she was named as a “Rising Star/Screen Acting Discovery” at the premiere of the lm in the
Hamptons International Film Festival.

She was later nominated at Hong Kong’s Golden Horse Awards for her starring role in The Eye 2 and made
memorable turns in the John Dahl lm The Great Raid and the Oscar-winning Memoirs of a Geisha. The
jewelry retailer Me & Ro created a special edition hair ornament inspired by Eugenia’s character in the movie.
Eugenia continues to shuttle back and forth between Los Angeles, New York and Hong Kong to take Studio,
Chinese-language and American independent roles alike including the 2007 Gotham Awards winning lm
Choking Man. She also co-stars with Tony Leung Ka Fai in the Kenneth Bi lm, The Drummer, and Justice Johnson

Carrie Heitman is a NYC-based actor and teaching artist. Originally from Michigan, she attended Kalamazoo
College, receiving the Nelda K. Balch Scholarship and earned a BA in Philosophy and Theatre. She received
her MFA from UNC-Chapel Hill earning the Louise Lamont Award for Excellence and awarded Honors in all
areas of performance. She has appeared O-Broadway, regionally, and traveled extensively performing in the
UK, Poland, Russia and Malaysia. Selected favorites include: Emma in Phallacy (with Simon Jones), Sarah in
The Man Who Came to Dinner (dr. Michael Sexton), Mary Beth in A Prayer For Owen Meany (U.S. Premiere
PRC), Alice in Hobson’s Choice (dr. Blake Robison), Metamorphoses (dr .Joe Haj), Goneril (us) in King Lear
(dr. Mark Wing-Davey), The Mystery Spot (dr. Holly Hughes) and others. TV/Film: Lipstick Jungle, Directions
(dr. Roni Ezra, Oscar Nominee Helmer & Son) 10 Days to Paradise, A Piece of Cake, Watch Your Back. Carrie is
currently a teaching artist with the Roundabout Theatre Company.

New York based classically trained actor. He has appeared in over 100 Theater, Film and TV productions
internationally to critical and commercial acclaim. His recent lm credits include: the European Premiere of
the comedy ‘This is not an American Movie’, the award winning ‘US a Love Story’ directed by Alrick Brown,
‘American Hunger’ (coming soon) etc. TV credits include: Law and Order ‘SVU’; Americas most Wanted’ FOX
TV; The World’s Astonishing News’; Japanese National TV, etc. Tony was on hold for the role of the doorman in
Scott Rudin’s ‘Extremely Loud and Incredible Close’. His Most recent NY theater credits: Bugsy Brodsky in
Tennessee Williams’ ‘Something Cloudy and Something Clear’; KGB agent Laverenti in the US Premire of
‘PURGE’ at the landmark LaMaMa E.T.C; Cengiz Pasha the leader of Crete in the World Premiere of ‘Three
Graces’ at the OBIE winning SOHO TINK Ice Factory Festival, Hamlet in ‘The Ophelia Landscape’ [Mark Morris];
Odysseus in ‘The Odyssey’; Jocasta in ‘Oedipus Rex’ etc. Tony is uent in four languages. He is also a singer, a
drummer and a Martial artist.



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