2019 Saturday

JHC (Fillmore Heritage Center)
1330 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94115

FilmMore Grand Theater (Old Yoshis)
1330B Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94115

AAACC (African American Art & Cultural Center)
762 Fulton St, San Francisco, CA 94102

Nia Room (AAACC)
762 Fulton St, San Francisco, CA 94102 (2nd Floor)

Saturday, June 15th, 7:00pm


The FilmMore Grand Theater (Formerly Yoshis) |

1330b Fillmore | San Francisco, CA 94115


1 hr 40 min

Category: Documentaries

Directed By: Juney Smith

The extraordinary journey of Actor Danny Glover and his lifelong friendship with fellow Actor Ben Guillory that examines their early life,discovery of acting, their shared admiration of Paul Robeson and the creation of The Robey Theatre Company

Saturday JHC 12pm


Lalo’s House
Suspense Thriller, African American, African, Women, drama
Kelley Kali

Inspired by true events. After being taken from their home in Jacmel, Haiti, two young sisters must escape a child sex trafficking ring, disguised as a Catholic orphanage.

Justin Spray

Tabu, a school girl in rural Tanzania, is desperate to go to school to improve her chances in life but the risks she takes to get here, threaten the very thing she cherishes the most: her education.  This narrative fiction was created from the testimony of young women and made by first-time filmmakers in the community of Lindi, Southern Tanzania in collaboration with filmmaker, Justin Spray and the NGO, VSO.

Halimat (I’m a woman)
Okusanya Bayonle Samson

A young girl faces the struggles of accomplishing her goals of becoming a doctor and breaking away from the shackles of sex slavery from her mother

Nani Sahra Walker, Grace Oyenubi

Forced is a feature documentary film on three women forced to flee their homes when the dreaded militant group Boko Haram invaded their village in Gwoza, Borno State in northeast Nigeria, and their stories of reconstruction. The women – Ruth, Esther and Saratu – symbolize thousands of girls and women who were abducted, raped and displaced during the decade-long insurgency.

Total Runtime: 1:17:00


Saturday JHC 2pm


The Rolex
Director: Kingslee Purcell
14 min 30 sec

A female photographer stalks a man searching for his missing Rolex.

Searit Huluf

An amateur female gamer is given a once in a lifetime opportunity to try out for a pro league gaming team, only to be repressed by self-doubt.

Blind Sight
Director: Corbin Reid
19 min 29 sec

A woman forced into a hurricane shelter must face different perspectives on an event she’s been avoiding from the people she’s been avoiding

Demarcus Brown

A young woman tries to save her relationship by prostituting herself to save her relationship.

Me Time
Iyabo Boyd

After a long work week, Deborah is exhausted and needs to relax. One part of her psyche, Sexy Deb, appears and tries to bully her into going out to a bar for a hook-up. Soulful Deb also shows up- she lights some incense and tries to guide her into some self-care stroking. Then Scaredy Deb pops in and whines that she just wants to eat oatmeal and watch Gilmore Girls.   When they finally rally together to get-it-on solo, Scaredy Deb questions aloud if they’ve ever truly had an orgasm, undermining each aspect of the Debs and threatening to derail their whole plan. Through laughter and introspection, ME TIME explores women’s sexuality, self-care, and highlights the richness of our inner lives.

Total Runtime: 1:38:00


Saturday JHC 4pm


United States vs White Men
First Time Filmmaker: Yes
drama, suspense, mystery, crime
Princess A. Hairston


The year is 2050 and the dynamics of power have changed hands. White Men are being interrogated for humanitarian crimes across the US. United States vs White Men showcases the new world order of adapting to various cultures and all races through interrogation. In order to change society, white men are now on trial and are forced to deal with their inability to respect all cultures.

Princess Garrett

This documentary is about the loss of identity and its systemic impact on black males. By exploring the complexities of mental slavery, Sankofa calls it’s audience to free themselves from the system in which they were born.

Unalienable Rights
Froilan Cuesta

During the mid-70’s and 80’s there existed a stench of racial inequality in the city of “Brotherly Love”. In Philadelphia there was a small, vibrant liberating organization that helped forge communal-ism and voiced the continued struggle for civil rights. The MOVE organization led by John Africa, a philosophical, magnetic and mesmerizing man was able to lead a group of Philadelphians in unison with hopes to achieve the ultimate humanistic utopia of connecting as one with nature and ridding the land of racism and police brutality; especially since “All men are created equal.”   Also during this time period author, revolutionary, radio personality and political prisoner, Mumia Abu Jamal who was a MOVE supporter and a Black Panther, covered many of their trials throughout his journalism career and even asked John Africa to represent him during his own trial for allegedly killing a Philadelphia police officer during a traffic stop involving Mumia’s brother, William Cook.  Unalienable Rights is a four-part docudrama that merges the struggles of two men: John Africa and Mumia Abu-Jamal against the racially divided, “in-justicetized” city of Philadelphia where the Italian Mafia, corrupt city government and Black Muslim Mob ran amok with devilish intentions in a major cover up.   This is a condensed version of part 1 of 4, stay tune!

“Belonging in the USA: The Story of Michael D. McCarty”
Arielle Nobile

The Story of Michael D. McCarty” shares the journey of a man who even in the face of great obstacles spreads joy wherever he goes.  Follow Michael as he evolves from aspiring scientist to Black Panther Party member, from FBI target to soldier, from drug addict to health nut. The twists and turns of Michael’s life will fill you with hope, laughter and a living example of resilience. Blending interviews with stop motion animation and archival footage, Michael’s story reminds us how we grow through the challenges life throws our way

Total Runtime: 1:47:00



AAACC Buriel Clay



Building Blocks
Arthur Gallery

An Oakland born filmmaker named Diggy develops conflicting emotions for an ethereal poet named Faith. After a ground-breaking night of screening his short film, he’s approached by a distributor who promises to make all his dreams come true. Amidst one-sided advice, he decides to end things with Faith in order to move to LA and pursue his seemingly picture-perfect dreams.

The God Given Talent: The Creative Life of Charles Curtis Blackwell
Jeff M. Giordano

Charles Curtis Blackwell: the Oakland poet, painter, playwright and teacher — takes us on an intimate journey into his past and present. From his challenging upbringing in both California and Mississippi, to his current creative life, we follow as he discusses loss, love, pain, and redemption — all through the prism of his artistic endeavors.

Total Runtime: 1:25:00



AAACC Buriel Clay



The High Bridge   
Benedict Campbell

A Bronx teenager reluctantly confronts fatherhood when his young daughter visits her doctor.

The Reckoning
Christopher Malcolm Reese

In order to save his own life, a gangbanger being held hostage must appeal to the empathy of his kidnapper.

Paul Rivet

Andre Willis wants nothing more than to be taken seriously as an actor.  There’s just one thing. He’s black and that’s all that the casting directors see.  Sick and tired of stereotypical roles and typecasting in

The Last Taboo
Emily M. Blake

An ode to Toni Morrison’s, “The Bluest Eye,” and based on a true story.  The Last Taboo explores the themes of colorism and unrequited love through seventeen year old Jonathan, who goes mad after suffering intolerable rejection, humiliation, and pain.

The Talk
Emily M. Blake

For African Americans, The Talk, is about more than just the birds and the bees.  On his way to a big date, seventeen-year-old J.J. has a talk with his dad, but Dad couldn’t prepare him for this.

Jamaal: Through The Lens

A young man from the South Bronx discovers photography as his way to escape his past history of abuse and neglect.

Disparity: A Tale of 2 Pushaz
Justin Givens

Meet Charlie, he’s white and was just arrested for selling powder cocaine. Meet Syd, he’s black and was just arrested for selling crack cocaine, Despite being caught with the same drug, the differences in their treatment will highlight how race and class influences your fate navigating the broken U.S justice system.

Night Diner
Khaled Ridgeway

A twenty-something African American foodie (DEVIN), currently on vacation, uses a Yelp-like app to locate a 5-star reviewed local diner. After narrowly beating their closing time, Devin finds himself the lone customer to a too-eager-to-please Chef (PAUL) and waitress (RITA), both Caucasian. His dining experience soon goes from awkward to bizarre to downright scary, ultimately leaving Devin to contemplate whether he should challenge their coveted 5-star rating.

Director: Amit Bhalla

Los Angeles, 1969. Authorities have laid siege upon the Black Panther Party and killed General Othello’s most trusted lieutenant. The painful loss pushes the valiant leader to broker a truce with the police and direct his troops to serve their community. In aid of this peace, Othello appoints Cassio his new second-in-command, passing over Iago, and leaving himself vulnerable to a secret campaign to reignite the violence. Boiling with jealousy and power-hungry narcissism, Iago sets in motion a devilish plan to undo Othello, Cassio and Othello’s secret wife, Desdemona.

Director: Carl Reid

A man’s Uber refuses to pick him up because of his race.  The incident sparks an intense conversation between two friends that proves more eye-opening than the initial event itself.Total Runtime: 1:40:00


AAACC Buriel Clay


The Anthem of Our Souls
Jahmal Holland

In the summer of 2017, LIQUID Arts and Productions LLC completed a film and community mural in the city of Watts, California, for a project titled The Anthem of Our Souls.
The Anthem of Our Souls is a film which combines the creative process of a community collaborative mural, with stories depicting the issues on the hearts of the collaborators.
The stories arise from individual experiences, community concerns and reflections on cultural history. As the film winds through the mural’s creation, many of the artists and contributors involved lead us through individual vignettes, which provide a closer look into the profoundly personal concerns and experiences which inspired the art.Instead of “Talking Head” interviews, the storytellers use poetry, song, drama and rap to communicate the film’s points of view.


Director: Darren Curtis
1h 35min

Boost is a thrilling look at the lives of two teenage best friends from Montreal who become entangled with the mob after a car they stole is involved in a fatal accident. Hakeem is the teenage son of east African immigrant parents living in Montreal’s tough Parc-Ex neighbourhood. Along with his best friend ‘A-Mac’, they work after school at Hakeem’s uncle’s car wash ’spotting’ luxury sports cars for a local crime syndicate to make extra money. A-Mac eventually persuades Hakeem to boost a car on their own leading to dire consequences and forcing Hakeem to make a life altering decision and define the type of man he will become.

Total Runtime: 1:46:00



AAACC Buriel Clay



Teddy Pendergrass – If You Don’t Know Me
Olivia Lichtenstein

The inspiring story of Teddy Pendergrass, who was poised to be the greatest soul singer of all time. His was the immortal voice of Don’t Leave Me This Way, The Love I Lost and Close the Door. He was also the first black male artist to have five consecutive platinum albums in the US, before a devastating accident changed his life forever.  Featuring interviews with his family, friends and colleagues including Philadelphia soul legends Kenny Gamble & Leon Huff, rare archive footage and a superb soundtrack, this revealing and poignant documentary charts the life of Teddy Pendergrass. His rise to fame within the complexities of 1960s America, his tragic fall and his triumphant comeback.

Total Runtime: 1:46:00



AAACC Buriel Clay






Nia Room



T.E.A.M CITY with Dr. T
Brian G Watson

educational, news, journalism, science, tech, engineering, arts, math, silicon valley, scientist, scifi, cosplay, experiments

A Place at the table
Kathleen Cotton (Producer/Director)

When you see yourself in the past you will be assured of a place for you in the future.  Meet the African American pioneers of silicon valley that prepared a place at the table for those that came behind them. Using face to face discussions, a Place at the Table, presents the story of African American Engineers and technologist recruited, nurtured and earned prominent positions in of some of the highly successful companies in Silicon Valley.  You’ve heard of Steve Jobs the founder of Apple computer?  A Place at the Table will introduce you to Mr. Roy L. Clay Sr. the founder of Hewlett Packard’s computer division. Along with other individuals that made significant contributions to the creation of what became silicon valley.   A Place at the Table will open the conversation that is needed to encourage young people of color to seek their own place in technical pursuits.

Total Runtime: 1:09:00



Nia Room



Trying To Find Me
Dominique Tipper

A woman dissects and shares her inner self in an attempt to navigate her way through depression and the ups and downs of life.

The Other
Director: Brittani Noel
9 min 10 sec

Inspired by real-life events, ‘The Other’ explores the struggle of being in-between races. Multiracial Mia discovers that society has a need to put each of us in an ethnic box. And not all boxes are equal. That’s when things get twisted, really fast. Fearing rejection, Mia gets herself tangled up in a web of lies. Are her fears valid? Or is she paranoid? If she comes clean to her fiancé, will he accept her? And most importantly, can Mia learn to accept herself

Max Philisaire

A bi-racial black woman struggles with her journey to self discovery while trying to live up to her father’s expectation.

Daniel Etim Effiong

Skin is a feature documentary about exploring through identity the meaning of beauty in all the different shades of black. It is set-in present-day Lagos, where Nollywood actress Beverly Naya goes on a journey to learn about contrasting perceptions of beauty. She speaks to school children, traders, artists, beauty entrepreneurs and sex workers. This narrative is interwoven by poignant personal accounts of individuals who have dealt with the pressure to conform to certain standards of beauty, revealing how colorism continues to shape the face of the entertainment industry in Africa. Beverly concludes her journey with a trip to her hometown exploring her rich cultural heritage with her mother and grandmother. Between them, we have three generations of beautiful black women who through sheer hard work and self-love have built useful businesses, laying a solid legacy for her and many like her to build upon.

Total Runtime: 1:53:00



Nia Room



Knock Out Blessing
Dare Olaitan

Knock Out Blessing a feminist film, wherein a young, small female boxer named Blessing teams up with a gang of prostitutes to take down a corrupt president.

Quiet and Clear   
Andre Rangiah

When Aurelian blocks her on Facebook after taking her virginity, 13 year-old Peezoo senses life in Franklin, Louisiana, where the water is still, is coming to a halt.  As her father’s grip tightens and his glare ensnares, Peezoo feels an even greater force drawing nearer. To reclaim control over her body, Peezoo enters an arm-wrestling match with small-town patriarchy. From the sidelines, her father’s world splits in two.

Total Runtime: 1:48:00