2019 Sunday

JHC (Fillmore Heritage Center)
1330 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94115

FilmMore Grand Theater (Old Yoshis)
1330B Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94115

AAACC (African American Art & Cultural Center)
762 Fulton St, San Francisco, CA 94102

Nia Room (AAACC)
762 Fulton St, San Francisco, CA 94102 (2nd Floor)


Sunday JHC 12pm


The Big WTF
Cassie Beasley

After meeting online, a couple discovers that dating comes with several unexpected surprises and casualties at every turn.

Marissa High

Abby & Chris are pushed together romantically by their friends, but neither have dated within their race before. They confront their vulnerabilities and explore their relationship experiences.

One Last Spin
Ali Matlock

An engaged couple struggling with the financial pressures of the upcoming celebration, receive an unsolicited package. The package contains a peculiar item that has the potential to change their lives significantly.

Director: Starling Thomas
20 min

Max is a ruthless organ hustler making millions from human trafficking. He is approached by Scott Winesfield, a billionaire tech company CEO whose wife is in desperate need of a liver transplant. Everything runs accordingly until the family of Kamal Wright, a young teenager they killed for his organs, exhumes the body and begins asking questions that opens an investigation into the business of organ dealing in America.

Darren Mallett

It’s a time of mounting tension when tenacious and free-spirited political activist, Carrie Cook returns home to Baltimore to protest the acquittal of police in a public and brutal killing of a Black man.  An invitation to a party from a childhood friend brings Carrie’s personal life into collision with her politics as an intimate betrayal tests her deepest values and complicates her quest for justice.

Every Nine Hours
Adam Margolis, Jim St. Germain

A modern-day exploration of skin color and gender and how they affect one’s ability to participate in relationships and society.

Total Runtime: 1:38:00


Sunday JHC 2pm-4pm

“Shoga Films Presents the Queer Harlem Renaissance”

“The Harlem Renaissance was surely as gay as it was Black,” writes famous Black scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. The SFBFF proves the point this year with a special program, Shoga Films Presents the Queer Harlem Renaissance. The SFBFF has partnered with Shoga Films for many years and continues to do so by supporting its current crowdfunding campaign to finance the filming of the most important story to come out of the queer Renaissance, “Smoke, Lilies and Jade.”

The Fisherman
Zoey Martinson

An aging fisherman goes out to sea one day and returns with a talking fish. Set in Ghana West Africa, this quirky comedy explores our need to stay relevant against the backdrop of a developing nation


Sunday JHC 4pm


100 minutes
Director: Justin Foia
Tatyana Ali (“Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)
Mira Srvino (MIGHTY APHRODITE) … Faithe Herman (“This Is Us”)

A man wakes up with no memory of his past but the remarkable ability to fluently speak dozens of languages. After finding a clue about his former self, he must race against time to discover his true identity.

Total Runtime: 1:40:00


Sunday JHC 6:15pm


Nia’s Shadow
Julian & Justen Turner

An Inner city’s polluted conditions awaken within some young residents a dormant superhuman gene produced by eugenics during slavery (the practice of selective breeding to improve the genetic composition of their ancestors).  Now, one woman must confront her friend who chooses to use his powers for wrong.

A Knight’s Tour   
Marvin Choi

It is a post-apocalyptic world where nature has unapologetically moved on from the memory of human civilization. A young man, J.D., flees through the mountains bleeding from his arm. He stumbles upon a cabin in a clearing, and when he attempts to break in for shelter, he is captured by a man named Henry, a detached hermit who has been surviving by himself in the mountains for twelve years. Henry attempts to befriend J.D. out of loneliness, but J.D.’s checkered past as well as possible invaders from the outside world force their relationship to a head.

Total Runtime: 1:40:00



AAACC Buriel Clay



Swipe Club
Curtis Wyatt

When Dustin and Jett find out their lifelong dreams are no longer a reality they decide to team up and assemble a crew to take their money back from the University

The Lockdown Club
Valerie Udeozor

Six students are stuck in a classroom with their teacher while their school is on lockdown.

Total Runtime: 2:02:00



AAACC Buriel Clay



I, Coolie
Gabriella Blumberg

The untold stories of the indentured Indian community who sailed across the seas from India to Africa. A short film documentary about a modern generation reflecting on their past history and how it shapes their future.

We Do What We Can
Director: Kwaku Awuku-Asabre

We Do What We Can is a film that looks at one of the miracles in the journey of diaspora Africans. It follows two twenty-something newlywed immigrants who have a child when they don’t have much of a place to live. The film follows the couple as they reflect on their ambitions, while striving to make a way – both for themselves and for their offspring – to be all that they see themselves to be.

Emails to My Little Sister
Solomon Mekonen

Not another-film-about-refugees or “the misery” of Africans for there is never a single story. Emails to My Little Sister is an anthropologically intended film created as part of an MA thesis project concerning the phenomenology of Blackness in Berlin.  The film, however, takes place in Ethiopia where becoming Black is reflected back on in the siblings’ email conversations

Director: Pascal Giacomini

Out of Chaos, An Artist’s Journey in Haiti is a multimedia project by artist Pascal Giacomini. It includes a 60-minute documentary film (French and English versions available); and an exhibition of sculpture and photography, with accompanying 90-page catalog.

Total Runtime: 2:00:00



AAACC Buriel Clay



My Brother Wes
First Time Filmmaker: Yes
Tom Suzuki

Wes (10), has always looked up to his older brother Dre (13) and has always wanted to be included in his older brother’s group of friends. As a playful prank to try and deter his younger brother from bad influences, Dre tries to coerce Wes into stealing some sodas and snacks at the local bodega, not unlike a scene in one of their video games, thinking that Wes will be too scared to accept. Without fully understanding the possible consequences, Dre ups the ante by convincing Wes to use a toy gun to hold up the store owner. Wes, not wanting to look like a little kid, doesn’t give in and soon both boys find themselves at the bodega. They enter the store as their nerves start to get unhinged. When things turn terribly wrong.

Donta Storey, Dontai Storey

Set in the urban jungle of Compton, CA in the early ’00s, LiME tells the story of Deshawn, a young man who discovers how hard it is to walk and live in your truth after he experiences the bitterness of the real world.  Lime pays Homage to the beauty of the city while juggling the sound of the drums, the sway in the walk and the world of Drill.

Robert Rippberger

Kalani (Joi Campbell), is a teenager living in Harlem with her older brother Jacob, and her younger sister, Bebe, while her mother struggles to make ends meet. Her college counselor Mr. Rose (Danny Glover) sees great promise in her educational future. As Kalani’s siblings get caught in a myriad of hardships, Kalani teeters on the brink of ruin as she struggles to keep both her family and her dream intact. Strive reminds us that hard work, optimism, and perseverance, in the face of overwhelming adversity, is the essence of what it is to be American.

Total Runtime: 1:49:00



AAACC Buriel Clay



Michael “Lyfelong” Foster

“#aSocialLoveAffair”, is the tale of two torrid love affairs on a crash course with each other. Leo Michaels, owner of a Social Media Marketing firm, has his engagement to fiancee Andrea challenged by an old flame that resurfaces after a three-year hiatus. Is their relationship built to withstand the pressures of social media? Who should Leo end up with is the question you’ll be stuck on.

Total Runtime: 2:05:00



Nia Room



5th of July
Director: Monty Fisher
1 hr 40 min

Orlando Leal, a young black French professor, travels to the mountains on the 4th of July to complete his dying fathers last wish, to spread his ashes on the surface of Mosquito Lake. Orlando reluctantly complies, but when he curses his father at the lake, the universe turns on him. First he gets robbed of his wallet and keys by thieves named Dakota and Cowboy, then he gets drugged by some Burning Man neo hippies. On the 5th, he escapes farm work slavery by stealing the farm bosses motorcycle, which he drives home to find that those thieves have stolen everything out of his house. Meanwhile. Karen, the greatest new love of his life, is flying in tonight from Washinton D.C. and if he isn’t there to meet her, he’s going to lose her too. Can Orlando recover his life, undo his curse and return the stolen motorcycle in time to reunite with Karen?

Total Runtime: 1:40:00



Nia Room



A Gift for My Sister
Angela Gordon

A chance encounter in a hospital ER between two single mothers, from two different walks of life change their lives forever

Simone – Stories in Train Transfer Station
Renato Candido de Lima

The short film “Simone – Stories in Transfer Station” brings a daily break of the Simone character. She make a date with her boyfriend at CPTM’s Júlio Prestes station and waits for him for long and harrowing hours. In this anguish we enter Simone’s imagination. In this, André and other males figures appear as Stereotypes in the history, memory and actuality of Simone. Traversing imagination and the reality of waiting, Simone exorcises her anguish and finds herself in dignity as a Black Woman.

Sanelle Sibanda

Priscilla Smith’s sanity is tested when she is separated from her beloved husband Adolph who is called for military service in Afghanistan. Left to raise their only child Sophia alone, Priscilla struggles with self-esteem issues and hopelessly uses prescription drugs to help her cope with the emptiness she feels in a community that has lost its men to war and prisons.

Sanelle Sibanda

Emma Manningham’s patience is tested to the limit when a prominent film producer Zach fails to fulfill his promise.  Left with no choice she is forced to find comfort in a local bar where weirdos hang out while Zach struggles to find her.

Total Runtime: 1:03:00



Nia Room



Victor Okoye

A young man’s attempt to rob a local grocery store, results in the birth of an unusual friendship.

Steven DeGennaro

A traffic stop turns sinister when two black men encounter a small-town cop on a power trip.

First Time Filmmaker: Yes
Kyle Solomon

A missed call. A tired heart. Another earth-shattering day of being Black in America. “THE VOICEMAIL” explores the everyday traumas experienced by Black people in America, told from the perspective of a son who takes heed of his mother’s warning. Part of a film scoring series by writer, director, and composer Kyle Solomon.

On Mother’s Day   
Ellie Wen

An intimate look at how mass incarceration impacts a mother on Mother’s Day.

“Belonging in the USA: The Story of Michael D. McCarty”
Arielle Nobile

The Story of Michael D. McCarty” shares the journey of a man who even in the face of great obstacles spreads joy wherever he goes.  Follow Michael as he evolves from aspiring scientist to Black Panther Party member, from FBI target to soldier, from drug addict to health nut. The twists and turns of Michael’s life will fill you with hope, laughter and a living example of resilience. Blending interviews with stop motion animation and archival footage, Michael’s story reminds us how we grow through the challenges life throws our way.

Total Runtime: 1:32:00



Nia Room



Moussa Djigo

Oscar has just arrived in Montreal with his son Jose en route to a small city in Quebec to introduce the boy to his mother. They miss their bus and are stranded for the night in this unfamiliar city. Later, when Jose is fast asleep, restless Oscar decides to get some air. This is where he meets Diane, looking for her lost dog. They walk side by side through the night streets of Montreal. But are they really looking for a dog? Where will the twists and turns of their stroll lead them? Does Diane’s husband Vincent, set out on a search for his wife, have reasons to worry?  After wandering all night like tortured souls, and meeting a bunch of special characters, among whom the homeless Barack Obama himself, these three scoundrels find themselves together at the bus station in the wee hours of the morning along with dumbfounded Jose. With the help of the cold light of the rising day, all accounts can finally be settled. * Sexual Content*

Aimiende Negbenebor Sela

In this surreal drama about self-acceptance, an aspirational sunny California blond wakes up from a coma in Uganda; and no, nothing is as it seems.