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90 Days (short, 19min) by Nathan Hale Williams –

A riveting story of love, integrity and compassion, 90 DAYS explores a beautiful couple’s relationship and their life altering decision after ninety days of dating.

Fueled with gripping performances by an extraordinary cast of actors led by Teyonah Parris (Jessica) and Nic Few (Taylor), 90 DAYS  is a groundbreaking cinematic piece of art that confronts the human experience of overcoming one of life’s greatest perceived challenges. Taylor’s mother is played by the one and only Pauletta Washington (Mrs. Denzel Washington).

Taylor has fallen in love with Jessica and is ready to propose. After three months of dating Jessica is now confronted with letting Taylor know she is HIV positive.

Can he contract it? Can they ever have kids? This is not at all what Taylor had planned for their 90 day anniversary, and he needs time to let reality sink in.

Written by Nathan Hale Williams and directed by Williams and Jennia Fredrique Aponte, the film is entertaining, authentic and a visual masterpiece. Based on a true story, 90 DAYS is a film that will touch hearts while navigating the definition of ultimate compassion.

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