A Knight’s Tour

by Marvin Choi
in Feature

Sunday JHC  6:00pm


It is a post-apocalyptic world where nature has unapologetically moved on from the memory of human civilization. A young man, J.D., flees through the mountains bleeding from his arm. He stumbles upon a cabin in a clearing, and when he attempts to break in for shelter, he is captured by a man named Henry, a detached hermit who has been surviving by himself in the mountains for twelve years. Henry attempts to befriend J.D. out of loneliness, but J.D.’s checkered past as well as possible invaders from the outside world force their relationship to a head.

Director Biography – Marvin Choi
Marvin Choi is a Korean-American filmmaker born and raised in Los Angeles. He once pursued a PhD in cognitive science at UC Irvine but dropped out to pursue a career in filmmaking. He still resides in Los Angeles, where he spends his free time reading comic books and writing screenplays.