by Ina Sotirova
in Shorts

Friday Buriel Clay Theater 12pm

On a utopic Caribbean island, a young priestess must overcome her insecurities, defy tradition and step into her power to save her people from impending danger.

Director Biography – Ina Sotirova
A storyteller and explorer passionate about the world’s diverse cultures, their unique traditions and expressions, Ina is an internationally published journalist/photographer and documentary filmmaker. Her debut doc, freedom2dance, received the Du-Pont/Judy F. Crichton award for visual storytelling in 2012. The seed for Agwe, her first venture into the world of fiction, was planted back in 2011, while she was living in NYC, but the story naturally brought her to the Caribbean. Originally from Bulgaria, Ina now lives in Jamaica, where she teaches, mentors and makes films at the UWI Community Film Project.

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