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American Dream

Frustrated by the lack of opportunities for black people he had in France, Mickael has been living in the United States for the past 5 years. Proud of his success, he invited his little brother (Matthieu) to Chicago to convince him to try his luck here. Unfortunately, everything turns into a nightmare when they accidentally smash a white cop on the side of the road.

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A white babysitter awaits the news of a job commission, meanwhile, she is pestered by the young black girl in her care...

Drunk Girl Therapist

When Lena is brought by her friend Gracie to a therapist with very unorthodox methods, she must overcome her skepticism if she...

Love The Original Way Keldamuzik wrote and produced her first short film called "Love The Original Way", directed by Hassan...

Dollar and a Dream

Get Tickets A young man recounts his footsteps of being homeless on the streets of Hollywood to chase his...


by Morgan Mathews A review of San Francisco Film Fest short film “Bit” By JR Valrey,...


A schoolboy who witnesses a bullying incident must decide where his true loyalties lie. Get Tickets