by Michael Foster
in Feature


#aSocialLoveAffair”, is the tale of two torrid love affairs on a crash course with each other. Leo Michaels, owner of a Social Media Marketing firm, has his engagement to fiancee Andrea challenged by an old flame that resurfaces after a three year hiatus. Is their relationship built to withstand the pressures of social media? Who should Leo end up with is the question you’ll be stuck on.

Director Biography – Michael “Lyfelong” FosterThroughout his creative career, Michael has gained extensive expertise and acclaim. He received the “Best Socially Conscious” Film Award for “When Tables Turn” and the Grand Jury Award for the film “Evelyn Black.” A number of his films were also selected and screened by Film Festivals across the globe. Deciding to step in the world of creating and producing a feature, Michael spearheaded the movement and created “#aSocialLoveAffair”.