Pushing Skills


A street-smart hustler uses his invention to give people extraordinary skills for few hours but finds himself in trouble when the wrong people hear about it.

Director Biography – Michael A. Krehan

Michael Krehan, born in Germany but living in California since 2002, has been in the video games industry for almost two decades, working on titles such as “Red Dead Redemption” and “Grand Theft Auto V”.

He had a keen interest in filmmaking ever since his teenage years. He started with little film experiments and volunteered on various film sets as boom operator, camera assistant, and editor, until he decided that the time was right to realize a project of his own and created “Apprecation”, which made the rounds through the festival circuit in 2015.

For his next project, he decided to realize a more ambitious project and wrote and directed “Dreams My Master”, followed by the web series “Pushing Skills”.

Michael is married and has two children.