Official Selections 2017

Not Black Enough by Tracey Anarella–

Color Blues by (short, 7:06min)–

Cut My Hair Barber (short, 24min)–

Afro.Germany (doc, 52min) by Axel Primavesi –

The Luck Specials (fea, 111min) by Regan Alsup –

The Mixtape: Stay Black Baby (shorts, 20min) by Jasmine Callis –

Blackface (student, 11min) by Shanrica Evans  –

Atone (short, 24min) by Damon L. Smith –

A Meditation (short, 16min) by Joe Petricca –

Pseudo (short, 8min) by The Turner Brothers (Julien & Justen Turner) –

Tom Freeman of the North (short, 19min) by Mo Rabbani –

See You Yesterday (student, 15min) by Stefon Bristol –

Lawman (student, 14min) by Kahlilah Robinson –

My Name Is Lamar (short, 8min ) by Dale E. Turner –

Sofie (short, 15min) by Ella Jane New –

Dem Dem! (short, 25min) by Christophe Rolin –

“Project BayGanda” (doc, 61min) by Mantaigne Massac –

We Love Moses (short, 16min) by Dionne Edwards –

The Servant (ani, 9min) by Farnoosh Abedi –

“Blaxploitalian” – 100 Years of… (doc, 60min) by Fred Kuwornu –

Black Christmas (short, 6min) by Susan Davis

White Face (short, 21min) by Mtume Gant

SALTZ (short, 17min) by Dominique McClellan

Last Stop (short, 25min) by Prentice Dupins –

House of Saints (short, 15min) by Gerry Melendez –

Boston2Philly (fea, 124min) by Ralph Celestin –

Hit A Lick (fea, 80min) by Swirl Films –

The Lowrider Tradition (student, 19min) by Dante K –

Print Shop (short, 30min) by Christian Jones –

HAIRAT (African, 7min) by Jessica Beshir –

Rolling In The Deep (short, 12min) by Marcellus Cox –

REPAIRations (short, 15min) by Courtney Miller –

#VICTIM 505 (short, 9min) by Ntwon Rollins –

August Beach (youth, 10min) by Leyah Barris –

Abina and the Important Men (ani, 60min) by Soumyaa Behrens –

I Am Still Here (fea, 104min) by Stephanie Bell –

Inventory (narrative, 7min) by Trevor Hansford –

Live a Little (fea, 74min) by David Jaffe –

Galamsey (short, 18min) by Lucy LP –

The Letter Carrier (short, 14min) by Melissa Kyle –

Amerika (short, 14min) by Mackenzie Gruer –

On Time (student, 8min) by Xavier Neal-Burgin –

Cream (student, 15min) by Palesa Lebona –

Angela’s Sacred Heart (short, 25min) by G.G Williams –

Super Chef (student, 11min) by Rochelle Rose –

Oakville (fea, 52min) by Ron Reed –

One Drop of Love (doc, 67min) by Fanshen Cox DiGiovanni –

Grandma’s House (fea, 96min) by Jade Umbrella –

Blackface (student, 7min) by Malcolm Baity –

Not Black Enough (doc, 82min) by Tracey Anarella –

Bluey (short, 14m) by Darlene Johnson –

Black Chicks (short, 13min) by Neil Labute –

The Man Who Feared (short, 8min) by Jehnovah Carlisle –

Trash Bags (short, 8min) by Diante Singley

Full Service (short, 16min) by KPage Stuart Valdes –

All of Me (short, 14min) by Daphne Schmon –

#Pride (LGBT, 4min) by Louisa Bertman –

Inamorata [20min] (short, 20min) by A-lan Holt –

Search Party (short, 9min) by Tesia Joy Walker –

Seven Dates With Death (short, 9min) by Mike Holland –

Silverhead (short, 20min) by Lewis Vaughn –

Love Separated in Life…Love Reunited in Honor (doc, 14min) by Jackie Wright –

Inventory (short, 7min) by Trevor Hansford –

The Sara Spencer Washington Story (doc, 28min) by Royston Scott –

Mariannes Noires (doc, 83min) by Mame Fatou Niang –

Gina’s Journey: The Search for William Grimes (doc, 82min) by Sean Durant –

95 Never Looked so Good (short, 9min) by Tymm Holloway –

Jake (short, 8min) by Michael Tyner –

A Path to Excellence (doc, 24min) by Carl Borack–

Cocoa Butter Short (student, 14min) by Dominque Gilbert –

The Forever Tree (short, 19min) by Alrick Brown –

Dvrker: Infinity Room (short, 16min) by Jonathan Jackson –

Pass Interference – The Davone Bess Story (doc, 57min) by Branson Wright –

90 Days (short, 19min) by Nathan Hale Williams –

To Be Free (short, 12min) by Adepero Oduye –

A Civil War: for the Soul of Black America (short, 20min) by Khinmay Lwin Vandermee –

The Art of the Journey – The Ben F. Jones Story (doc, 32min) by William Michael Barbee –

We Love Moses (short, 15min) by Dionne Edwards –

The Red Effect (fea, 91min) by Jordan Miller –

In The Hour Of Chaos (doc, 105min) by Bayer Mack –

The Land Beneath Our Feet (African, 60min) by Sarita Siegel, Gregg Mitman –

The First Stone (short, 15min) by Kaisan Rei –

Brazilian Wavy (short, 20min) by Kirk Henriques –

INSTANCE (short, 19min) by Nicholas Casucci –

Babay, Papa Rose (short, 15min) by Stefani Saintonge –

Oakland in Blue: A Short Film (short, 24min) by Robbin Rae –

Pushing (short, 9min) by Ryan LaPine –