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Avalanche by Thyrone Tommy

avalancheIt all comes tumbling down as a young archer fights to avoid becoming the person he fears most – his abusive militant father.

Director: Thyrone Tommy

thyroneHaving lived in every province west of the “Atlantic provinces”, Thyrone Tommy brings a dynamic eye to the Canadian film scene. His love of celluloid has been shown in his last two films “Liar, Cheater, Whore” and recent father-son drama “Avalanche” , shot on Super 8 and Super 35 respectively. He has screened at festivals both locally in Toronto and abroad.

He continually works commercially as a camera operator and recently was selected to participate in the ReelWorld Film Festival’s Emerging 20 Filmmaker Program.

Director’s Statement

AVALANCHE was conceived from a personal theme that I feel resonates with most people – that what we fear most is often what we become. For some it’s our bosses, for others, like in this story, our parents. I wanted to express this fear and the culture that cultivates it through the dialogue of film. The urban Canadian family dynamic is not something that is often seen on screen. Using film as a medium allows me to breathe a striking amount of tension on screen. My hope is that my audience will feel the isolation Nathan experiences while relating to him.

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