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Building Blocks

by arthur gallery
in Shorts, Local (Bay Area)

Saturday Buriel Clay Theater 12pm


An Oakland born filmmaker named Diggy develops conflicting emotions for an ethereal poet named Faith. After a ground-breaking night of screening his short film, he’s approached by a distributor who promises to make all his dreams come true. Amidst one-sided advice, he decides to end things with Faith in order to move to LA and pursue his seemingly picture-perfect dreams.


Director Biography – arthur gallery
Originally from Charlotte, arthur is an Oakland based Writer-Director and Business Analyst at Google. He graduated from Clemson University where he studied Finance and Film. arthur is committed to telling stories that help shape the way we live our daily lives and loves finding visually unique ways of doing so. He’s written and directed a wide range of music videos and short films, of which have screened at the Portland African American Film Festival and New Filmmakers NY. Building Blocks is arthur’s first narrative short and he’s excited to share it with the world.

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