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  • Father’s Kingdom

  • Father Divine was called an ingenious entrepreneur, a civil rights leader, a charlatan, a con man, and a fraud. His followers called him God. His religious movement once claimed to have millions of followers. Today, only a few remain, living as an interracial family on an exclusive estate outside of Philadelphia, struggling to keep Father’s legacy alive. 1:34:00 Documentaries USA Lenny[...]
  • Never Heard

  • After Aaron is charged with murder, he uses prayer to help turn his life around and save his son from the street life before it is too late. 1:30:19 Features USA Joshua A. Webber
  • Runaway

  • RUNAWAY TRAILER from Daniel Fries on Vimeo. An enslaved woman, attempts to help 2 runaway slaves under the nose of a seething overseer, all while trying to keep her daughter from being sold off the next day. 0:25:00 Shorts USA Daniel Fries
  • Marcus

  • A group of men struggle with a life changing decision. They find themselves on different sides of an argument that could possibly lead to a tragic ending. 0:09:59 Shorts USA J.R. Poli