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  • Story Ave

  • Inspired by a true story. MTA conductor and life-long resident of the Bronx, Luis, gets off of the train one stop early at the Story Ave station and has an unusual encounter with 17-year-old passenger––a young artist named Kadir. Luis attempts to engage with skeptical Kadir on the train until Kadir senses Luis may have something he needs. As Luis exits the train car, Kadir decides to follow hi[...]

  • Port-au-Prince by night. Doc and Zoe are just hired to deliver an unknown package. Their job comes with three essential rules: never stop the car, never roll down the windows, never open the trunk. At a crossroad, they stumble upon a dog. Each crossroad requires a sacrifice. Their decision will change their path irreversibly. 50:00 Haiti by Bruno Mourral in Shorts
  • Paul Laurence Dunbar “Beyond The Mask”

  •  by Frederick Lewis Documentary Written, Directed & Co-produced by Frederick Lewis Total RT: 1:58:45 “Paul Laurence Dunbar: Beyond The Mask” is a feature length documentary on the life and legacy of the first African American writer to gain international fame. Born to former slaves in Dayton, Ohio, where he was boyhood friends with the Wright Brothers, Paul Laurence Dunbar (1872-1906)[...]