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  • The FADE: A Clean Cut Documentary

  • Big Bright Films debut their feature length documentary The Fade; the distinctive film presents an exclusive window into the lives of 4 barbers, including Johnny "Cakes" Castellanos; responsible for the images of two of hip-hop's icons, Jay Z and Pharel Williams. The observational film seamlessly transports us to and from Accra, London, New Jersey and Kingston submitting to its inhibited narra[...]
  • TRUE BLUES (85m, U S A) dir. by Daniel Patinkin

  • TRUE BLUES is a celebration of the contemporary performers of traditional blues. A blend of thoughtful conversation and live concert appearances, this feature documentary gives viewers an intimate, behind-the-scenes look at six of the greatest living blues artists: Taj Mahal, Shemekia Copeland, Corey Harris, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Guy Davis, and Phil Wiggins.
  • Killer B3 (94m, U S A) dir. by Murv Seymour

  • Killer B3 puts you in front, behind and inside the more than 425-pound keyboard often called the beast, the Hammond Organ. You need the dexterity of an octopus to control its two keyboards, 36 drawbars, 25 foot pedals and its host of buttons and switches - all of which make it come alive. While there are many models of Hammond Organs, the B3 is Hammond's signature model. The Hammond sound is a[...]