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  • Against the Grain (127M, USA) DIR by Elias Mael

  • An inner-city kid goes to college in hopes of becoming a neurosurgeon one day. Award-winning screenwriter and former Laney Student, Elias G. Mael was tired of played-out Hollywood stories in which disadvantaged inner-city youth made it out of poverty by succeeding in sports or entertainment. He wanted to tell a different story, and he has done that with his new film “Against the Grain[...]
  • The Retrieval (94m, U S A) dir. by Chris Eska

  • Set on the outskirts of the U.S. Civil War, The Retrieval follows a fatherless 13 year-old boy sent north by his bountyhunter gang on a dangerous mission to retrieve a wanted man. During their journey towards the unwitting wanted man’s reckoning, the initially distant pair develops unexpected emotional bonds. As his feelings grow, the boy is consumed by conflicting emotions and a gut-wrenching[...]
  • Four of Hearts (98m, U S A) dir. by Eric Haywood

  • Stuck in a six-month sexual 'dry spell,' a young husband and wife decide to rekindle their love life by having a one-night stand with another couple. But all four soon find themselves unprepared for the complicated web of lies, jealousy, and forbidden attractions that follow. Four of Hearts Press Kit Press Inquiries: Eric Haywood Mill Road Media, Inc. (818) 943-4226 eric@erichaywo[...]