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  • The Youth

  • Saturday A.A.A.C.C. (Buriel Clay Theater) 5:45pm The Youth (15m, U S A) dir. by Dehanza Rogers A recent college graduate is frustrated that his life is going nowhere until an old friend offers him the opportunity to make a difference. Executive Producer: Dehanza Rogers Producers: Vanita Shastry, William Barker Director of Photography: Dylan Chapgier Photographs: Ingrid Hertfelder [...]
  • JUMP

  • Submitted by: Anthony Harper Set in a small town in Virginia, JUMP tells the story of Allen Knight, a teenage boy whose family structure places him in a role beyond his years. Responsible for his handicapped mother, Rivera, whose troubled past holds unresolved tension in the house, Allen finds refuge in his passion for the environment. However, Allen's acceptance into the college of his cho[...]