Code Switch

by Alba Roland Mejia
in Local (Bay Area) + 25 Miles

Friday 1330 Fillmore JHC 3:45pm

This film is about a young black man named Amir who is directly impacted by code switching. Amir is so determined to meet these unrealistic standards that he doesn’t even recognize the harm he is causing to himself. ‘Code Switch’ is about illustrating the psychological damage of hiding who you are.

Director Biography – Alba Roland Mejia
Alba Roland Mejia is an up and coming filmmaker out of Oakland California. Born and raised in Salinas California, she began her career as a filmmaker during her undergrad at Cal State Monterey Bay. She continues her studies as an MFA student at San Francisco State University where she studies the craft of filmmaking while she is not actively on set. She is an active industry crew member and hopes to continue creating relatable stories with the public.