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Cold Choices

Cold Choices directed by Nick Jones




Major John Polanco, a black ops command officer, is ordered to send in a group of Marines behind enemy lines without proper preparation and limited intel. The mission is a success but it comes at a cost. Now John must pick up the pieces and carry on.

Cast: Neil Brown Jr., Chris Naylor, Michael Graham, Prim Siripipat, Corinne Nowicki,BJ Lange, Nick Jones Jr., William Stavrakos, Terrell Pryor, Jeremy Permenter, Tyler Griffin

Director: Nick Jones Jr.

Nick Jones Jr. served in the United States Marine Corps before leaving to pursue a career in the film industry. He started his career as an actor. Before long he was itching to create the worlds he helped bring to life on screen. He studied filmmaking at the New York Film Academy where he learned to write and direct. He interned on the ABC comedy The Middle as a director, learning from the show’s main director Lee Shallat-Chemel. He later became the mentee of feature film director Dito Montiel and recently worked with him on his latest film, Man Down, starring Shia Labeouf and Gary Oldman as the film’s military consultant.

Director’s Statement

My mission as a director is to showcase diversity. We live in a colorful world and film should represent that. I also want to tell the stories of the men and women in uniform – stories of their sacrifice, which I have witnessed first hand during my time in the military.

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