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by Max Philisaire
in Student

Saturday Nia Room 1:30pm


A bi-racial black woman struggles with her journey to self discovery while trying to live up to her father’s expectation.

Director Biography – Max Philisaire
MAX PHILISAIRE (Director) is a Los Angeles based producer, director and screenwriter. He is a U.S. Military combat war veteran best known for his mental and spiritual approach to life. Philisaire was born in Haiti to an Afro-Haitian father and mother. While serving overseas, he used bodybuilding training as a survival tool to keep himself and his fellow soldiers motivated. Max’s capacity to effectively communicate the importance of constant implementation for productive results encourages his peers to maximum their potential.

He completed a screenwriting workshop to learn the basic fundamentals to turn his story idea into screenplays and enrolled in Los Angeles Film School to learn how to produce his films. Discharge is the first film Max has directed. Before producing Discharge Max struggled with his own obstacles but triumphed with hard work and dedication. He now leads by example and shares insight with men and women around the world through fitness, special appearances, his website, social media platforms and now film.


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