Congo Cabaret


Welcome to the world of Claude McKay, a gay writer of the Harlem Renaissance whose racy 1926 novel, Home to Harlem, became the first best-seller published by a Black writer. When you have your glass of bootleg gin at the Congo Cabaret, you will witness a colorful underground world with lots of drama: Zeddy the kept man cheating on his woman; Myrtle, his innocent mark; Billy the Wolf, the gay owner of the nightclub and his Pansy Dancer; Jake, Zeddy’s friend and moral center in a lawless world; Jakes’ singer girlfriend, Congo Rose, whose rendition of Bessie Smith’s “Foolish Man Blues” seduces the whole room, especially Zeddy. As a newcomer to the scene, you won’t know where all the stories come from or even where they’re going, but you will be riveted by the gorgeous cinematography, the strong acting, the vivid characters, and McKay’s flavorful dialogue. Surrender your preconceptions of story and how it’s told; you’re at the Congo Cabaret.
Robert Philipson
United States
Music Video, Short

Director Biography – Quincy LeNear Gossfield, Deondray Gossfield

The Gossfields, who were married on national television during the 2014 Grammy Awards, produced a directed two series about Black gay men: The DL Chronicles, brought to cable TV in 2007, and The Chadwick Journals in 2011. Since then, the Gossfields have been working regularly in reality TV series.