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download (2)Sunday A.A.A.C.C. (Buriel Clay Theater) 3:40pm

DICE (17m, U S A) dir. by Viraj Nayar


Jamil, a street-smart youth from North Philly, lives day to day with the odds against him. Unable to break into the professional world, Jamil tries to get by with whatever work he can get. Despite his smarts and charisma, his life remains unbalanced and his future unknown. When fate suddenly gives Jamil the break he’s been looking for in the form of a winning lottery ticket, he learns firsthand life is a gamble. Dice explores socio-economic inequality, race, and the role luck and fate play in our lives.



Viraj Nayar’s love of screenwriting, cinematography and directing has gotten him recognized for various accomplishments in a wide variety of projects. He has worked as Assistant Director at an international production house called Bang Bang films. He has done cinematography for a large variety of films, working with cameras such as the Bolex, 16mm, T3I, 60D and 5D. As well as this, Viraj has edited many films and has experience in both Final Cut Pro and Media Composer 6. He is currently working on a documentary Mil’s Life, which has indirectly been an influence for DICE.

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