If you are in the space to donate to the SFBFF, please do. We are going for the biggest year since the loss of my mother. Following behind her is difficult but I know she is watching so I must make this half of what her vision was. Your donation will go to making sure the 20th anniversary will be everything it should be… the best year yet(for me)! The SFBFF is a great organization and we show the best movies that the independent scene has to offer. We have been doing our job even if it meant I was spending my money to make it happen. The SFBFF means everything to me and I have committed my life to make it happen every year no matter what the circumstances. I have consumed black cinema my whole life and I will continue to do so no matter what the weather or what the tea leaves read. Help me with my vision and I will guarantee the best year, the best films, and everything we are meant to be.