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A modern-day exploration of skin color and gender and how they affect one’s ability to participate in relationships and society.

Director Biography – Adam Margolis, Jim St. Germain

LA Native Adam Margolis (Director, BigMan Productions) has known he wanted to be a filmmaker since the age of 10. Graduating from USC School of Cinematic Arts with a degree in Film and TV Production, Adam worked at MTV, DreamWorks, and Comedy Central before beginning his career as a Director and Camera Operator.

As one of the top live TV camera operators in the Industry today, Adam has been awarded 6 Emmys for his achievements, and is currently nominated for more 3 Emmys in the 2018 telecast. He has shot for television shows ranging from Dancing With The Stars, to The Late Late Show, to Grease Live, and many others along the way.

Adam has also directed many music videos, including a series of dance videos for Emmy award winning choreographer, Derek Hough. He will direct his first piece of narrative content this fall.

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