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Four-Way Stop

download (2)Sunday A.A.A.C.C. (Buriel Clay Theater) 3:40pm

Four-Way Stop – Submitted by: Efi da Silva


Four-Way Stop is an independent feature-length film about an inner-city teenage boy who is striving to create a better life for his drug addict father and unsupportive mother. This story takes you into the life of someone you think you know based off of surface encounters and stereotypes and presents his depth and reality instead.

Through this film we’re working towards starting a dialogue examining our own perceptions that might lead to unknowingly marginalizing those different from us. This story stems from an idea that when we’re able to see and understand someone’s situation we tend to find similarities that cause our perceptions to shift, our actions to change, and societies to improve.

About the production

Four-Way Stop filmed in St. Louis, MO during the month of July and is made by the St. Louis community. We have local actors who have worked in both theater and film who relate to the subject matter.

Area businesses and individuals have donated their space and services to help so that we have a better chance of telling this story and beginning a conversation.

But who are we telling this story to? Who do we want to hear from? 

  • People in underserved communities
  • People who might be able to offer solutions
  • People who can relate to the idea of being “stuck”
  • People who have trouble realizing their dreams
  • People who have realized their dreams

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