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Hands Up, Don’t Shoot


Story is about a young African American man living his day to day life in the heart of South Central Los Angeles. Not only is he having trouble finding a job to support his girlfriend but he has trouble with gang-members, store clerks and boys in blue. In a strong effort to bring awareness to how much peace he wants for everyone, each situation gets worse and worse until he takes the ultimate stand. In this poetic stylish urban film, it touches on a innocent man’s plead for hope being destroyed over hurtful stereotypes.
Ja’Ron Thompson

Director Biography – JayTee Thompson

Known for his magnetic personality, witty realism, incredible wordplay and distinctive voice, Jay5th is planting his seed in the music industry. Jay 5th is set to unleash his distinctive sound onto the world. His repertoire includes feel good music, obliterating unsuspecting victims in his lyrical content, verbally captivating women and cultivating groundbreaking music. This was a wakeup call to …the new generation of emcees and to the music industry as a whole. Jay 5th discovered the power of his words and true talent for captivating a crowd while battling and performing at several industry events. He’s also known from his TV appearances on hit shows such as MTV’s Pimp My Ride (2005), MTV’s Yo Momma (2006) BET’s College Hill: Virgin Islands (2007) and The V.I.P Hideaway (2012-2014).

After BET’s college Hill in 2007, Jay 5th started writing screenplays and directing films. In 2008, he filmed his first feature film “Death By Association”. The film starred himself along with Tyrone Burton, DJ Infant Jay, Prentice Jones and OG Cuicide. He also produced the entire soundtrack and self distributed the film by himself. Also he edited the entire film as well, so over the years he sat quiet writing countless amounts of music and scripts, honing his skills as a self taught all around entertainer.

In 2012, he started hosting a TV show based in Atlanta titled, The VIP Hideaway. He was the host and creative producer of the show. He interviewed celebrities and entertainers such as Kenny Lattimore, Eshe from Arrested Development and many more. In 2013, he resigned as the host and begin to pursue his career as a recording artist and director/screenwriter

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