Friday JHC 12pm

by Arch Yee
in Student


Heroes explores the identity crisis of a hero who realizes his damsel no longer needs him.

For the princess with Daddy issues and for the daddy with Princess issues.

Told in fairy-tale-esque format, a man swoops up a vulnerable princess off the street and brings her home for sex and comfort. However, the next morning, the princess tells the man she has to go to work now and thanks the man for his one-night-stand. However, in response, the man breaks down in his identity and approach as he desperately wishes her to stay.

Director Biography – Archie Zhang
Archie is a queer and asian student at McMaster University with an interest in English and Cultural Studies. Growing up, he’s learned that his asian-queer-ness is often presumed to equate to submissiveness. Navigating his way through blurry slurs and dismissive glances, he hopes to subvert submission wherever possible.

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