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Hidden Treasure


Hidden Treasure
Hidden Treasure is based in the real life story of a woman who suffered spousal abuse for over 15 years. Yvette flees her home one night after a savage beating form her husband. She meets two strangers Charles and Allen who help Yvette discover her inner journey to find her Hidden Treasure. At the same time Yvette gets Charles and Allen to examine their own ideas and beliefs about women that could lead to violence
Donald Lacy

Director Biography – Donald E Lacy Jr.

Donald E. Lacy, Jr. is a writer, director, actor, comedian, actviist, and radio talk show host. He received the prestigious Legacy Award from Theater Bay Area November of 2017. In 2016 the Oakland City Council adopted ; “Love Life” as the official motto of Oakland for the 20 years of youth activism he did with the LoveLife Foundation. The LoveLife Foundation was founded for Donald’s 16 year old daughter LoEshe’ who was murdered on October 20, 1997 an innocent victim to a shooting across the street form her high school where she was a student As a comedian he was inducted into the Bay Area Blues society Hall of Fame in 2013. A San. Francisco. State. University. alumnus, Donald holds a B. A. Degree in Theater Arts, (with a film minor) and a B.A.Degree in Black Studies. His T.V./Film acting credits include: Cherry with James Franco, which was released in 2012, The Other Barrio in 2014, Denny on the NBC show Trauma in 2010, “Blood In, Blood Out”, directed by Taylor Hackford, “L.A. Heat”, “Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper” on ABC, “Wolf” on CBS. Stage Credits include: Wynton in Marco Ramirez’s play The Royale in 2017 at the Aurora Theater Gabriel in Fences at California Shakespeare theater in 2016. A 25 city tour with The Miles Davis Experience produced by Columbia records, “Gem of the Ocean” as Solly 2 Kings, Whining Boy in the “Piano Lesson”, “. In 2006 he appeared in “The Shelter” at the Odyssey Theater in Los Angeles, under the direction of Valery Belyakovich of the Moscow Art Theater. As a filmmaker he has received a Bay Area Cable Excellence Award and a Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame Award

Director Statement

Every 9 seconds in the United States a woman is beaten. This is an alarming statistic. Physical and emotional abuse of women around the world has reached epidemic proportions. My film Hidden Treasure is based on a real story of a woman who suffered spousal abuse for over 15 years. I am hopeful that his movie will empower women to emancipate themselves from violent relationships. In addition this film also looks at the attitudes and behaviors of men that lead to abuse and violent behavior. There will never be peace on Earth till men are at peace with women

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