The Boom Boom Room (1601 Fillmore Street)

7PM until


House of Saints (short, 15min) by Gerry Melendez –

Jazz great John Coltrane once said he longed to become a Saint. Reggie Scott has thought about that response for 50 years. Scott’s tale is one of fortune and famine. As a child living in the Harriett M. Cornwell Tourist Home, a historically celebrated house in Columbia, South Carolina, Scott was surrounded by educators including his aunt, Harriett, “Mae Mae” Cornwell. It was there that Reggie dreamed of a life as a musician. But in a family of doctors and educators his path had been laid out for him. Scott would become a successful pediatric dentistry and orthodontics dentist. He had it all, but one night of excess and vice ended in him committing murder. Reggie Scott would go on to spend 32 years in some of the toughest prisons in California.
The story could end there, but Scott survived and served his sentence, making his way back to the home that he says was calling for him. His “House of Saints,” where today he honors those that raised him, protected him and continue to guide him. All with the help of “Saint” Coltrane and his jazz music. Reggie’s new life is one of doing what he’s always loved best. Play music. And to listen when the spirits guide him to do right as he continues to bring life back to the house he grew up in.

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