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Irons In The Fire

Irons In The Fire (23m, United Kingdom)
dir. by Yoav Segal
Narrated by the Golden Globe winning actor, Idris Elba.


3157352‘Irons In The Fire’ tells the stories of five young people who have discovered a passion that is transforming their lives. these include Ben – a crack dealing car-thief who, whilst in prison, enrolled on a cooking apprenticeship that changed his world. And 17 year old Ashley: a troubled teenager with a disability, who learned to play table tennis competitively and went on to win medals at major championships across Europe. We get to step into the world’s of these young people, see the organizations that inspired them and experience their pain and joy as they follow their passion. We take a look at how opportunity has changed their lives, and increasingly, the world around them.

It combines intimate documentary observation with high-speed, art directed shoots and atmospheric city time-lapses. The film features rising star George The Poet, whose prose is interwoven through the film, introducing themes and posing moral questions. The soundtrack features the acclaimed post dubstep artist Stray and the dance act Chase and Status. the film is narrated by the Golden Globe winning actor, Idris Elba.

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