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A four-minute short profiling Kamika, whose parents, siblings, and countless other close relatives were repeatedly incarcerated, making her personal story a powerful narrative on overcoming the odds.

Directed by Michael Reiner, Kamika’s Letters showcases the uplifting art (poetry, screenwriting) Kamika creates – informed by a lifetime of relationships via correspondence prison. The film reveals how multi-generational incarceration affects entire families, and in particular women within the African American community.

Currently a foster care educator, Kamika teaches underprivileged teens to write down their experiences, which helps them believe in themselves and gives them a fighting chance to overcome the statistics. Kamika also educates people outside of her community about the effects the U.S. criminal justice system and sentencing has on her community.

Michael Reiner’s directorial work is at the intersection of social justice and human connection. He’s made films revealing the meaning behind protest signs, Signs of the Times, shared stories about living on the streets of affluent San Francisco, Homeless In Super Bowl City, among other subjects.

Kamika’s Letters debuted in Sacramento at Kamika’s Church, the Capital City Church of Christ on September 14th.  

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