A young African feminist millennial finds love in a bittersweet moment as she struggles to find her footing in a patriarchal society.
Kemiyondo Coutinho

Director Biography – Kemiyondo Coutinho

Kemiyondo Coutinho has been writing and acting for the African woman since age 17. She is the founder of Kemistry Klass, a content company geared at producing content for film and TV content that changes the narrative of stories about The Continent. Kemiyondo was featured on CNN for her work in the arts in the segment African Voices.

Kemiyondo, currently based in Los Angeles, is now the recipient of the prestigious E11 Green Card awarded to individuals of extraordinary ability who demonstrate that they are at the top of their field in their home country.

Kyenvu marks her debut as a Film Director. Frustrated with the lack of female directors in the industry she decided to take on the role to inspire other female filmmakers to do the same.

Director Statement

The Anti Pornography Act was set in Uganda in 2014. Parliament passed it into law, which blamed pornography for the sexual crimes committed against women and children. The Law, at its introductory stage had a clause prohibiting women from wearing the mini skirt, hence the media label “Mini skirt bill.” However, when the final bill was passed, it held no clause on the banning of the mini skirt. The media, who had picked the nickname, failed to inform the public that that particular clause was struck out. The ‘miniskirt ban’ was being loosely interpreted by mobs as an excuse to target and strip women thought to be improperly dressed. I was angry. I was furious. I felt helpless. I turned to storytelling.

This was the driving force behind KYENVU.