Longing (7m, United Kingdom)

dir. by Zoe Sailsman-Asghar


Dawn has recently lost her husband. She finds it difficult to let go, and longs for his presence. She delves into her subconscious and imagination to try and feel him; but the more she sees the more her reality becomes distorted.

Aurore a récemment perdu son mari. Elle a du mal à lâcher prise et aspire à la présence de son mari. Pour voir ou sentir lui, elle se plonge dans son subconscient et l’imagination; malheureusement plus elle ne le voit plus sa réalité se déforme.

Directors summary:

“Longing is a visual piece. I wanted to explore the theme of Longing with two characters in one location. Both characters are grieving and are wanting to have some sense of normality but in order to find some sense of closure she yearns for Rashid’s presence. She delves into her subconscious in order for this to occur.”