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Lost Kings – The Series
In Baltimore, Max, a dirt bike rider, seeks vengeance following the murder of her brother and in the process uncovers a conspiracy involving illicit drugs and crooked cops.
Terrance Smalls, Jr.
Short, Television, Web / New Media

Director Biography – Terrance Smalls Jr

Terrance Smalls, Jr. is an award winning filmmaker based in Baltimore, MD. He has produced work for Atlantic Records, Redbull Media House, and HBO. A seasoned music producer and video video director in the Baltimore hip hop scene, Terrance’s work places focus on the environment that shapes the music and the way that music creates culture. “Lost Kings” is his first episodic creation.

Director Statement

With Lost Kings, we see a story about the the impact of culture and environment on individuals and families. Because authenticity is a priority, we cast the majority of roles with people from the neighborhoods where the story is set. One of the things I am most proud of with the project is that the characters look and talk in a dialect and style distinct to Baltimore. Cause and effect governs a fast moving plot. Even so, we frequently finds its characters alone with their thoughts. Some of them understand their plight but nonetheless remain powerless to break the cycle of poverty and violence. Ultimately, “Lost Kings” is a story of a young woman stubbornly thriving in a world where she is meant to fail.

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