download (2)Saturday. 2nd Act. 1pm

by Uzoma Okoro


Author of the acclaimed novel, “The Cocaine Saints,” (www.thecocainesaints. com) Uzoma Okoro, has his own origins in Nigeria where many of his family lived through the horrors of the Nigerian Civil War, a war so awful and merciless, it could only be classified as genocidal. During this war—a war his father fought in as a teenage boy—every safety and dignity one could foster was quickly and methodically stripped away, and entire villages were left to their own inadequate devices. Upwards of three million people either died or were murdered in the three year conflict, and for his own family’s loss, the mark of such an injustice is stamped deeply into Uzoma’s heart. Where “The Cocaine Saints” explores the injustice of the drug trades’ effect on one particular family in rural Mexico, the story of Moses plunges into the bar- baric nature of human trafficking and sex slavery.