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My Brother Wes

by Reggie Luck
in Student, Shorts


Wes (10), has always looked up to his older brother Dre (13) and has always wanted to be included in his older brother’s group of friends. As a playful prank to try and deter his younger brother from bad influences, Dre tries to coerce Wes into stealing some sodas and snacks at the local bodega, not unlike a scene in one of their video games, thinking that Wes will be too scared to accept. Without fully understanding the possible consequences, Dre ups the ante by convincing Wes to use a toy gun to hold up the store owner. Wes, not wanting to look like a little kid, doesn’t give in and soon both boys find themselves at the bodega. They enter the store as their nerves start to get unhinged. When things turn terribly wrong.

Director Biography – Tom Suzuki
Tom originally a native of New York, Tom Suzuki has been behind the camera since childhood. He moved to Los Angeles where he started a career as a professional photographer. Virtually 100% self taught in all aspects of photography, Tom is capable of shooting a variety of subjects including fashion, products, architecture to name a few both in studio and on location. He gradually focused his talents and skills towards his ultimate passion, filmmaking where his lighting and camera skills have been further utilized in film and video productions. He is now concentrating solely on his film career and produces and directs commercials,

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