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My Mistake

by Antjuan Ward
in Shorts

Friday 1330 Fillmore JHC 3:45pm

While being overcome with mixed emotion, Jason sits us down to explain his story. Each part of his story is broken down as he tries to piece together what he is missing. Jason shows us how blind love can really be while the sense of guilt overcome his partner until the potentially fatal end.

Director Biography – Antjuan Ward
Antjuan Ward’s artistic yet entrepreneurial spirit dates back to his high school days where he spent many hours developing his rhyming and songwriting abilities. Known to many as a walking talent show thanks to his poetically driven lyrics, admirable athletic abilities and intellect, the moniker “ShoCase” naturally fit his “do it all” mentality.

While artistic expression fueled ShoCase’s drive in his early years as a young MC and songwriter, college is where he developed his business acumen. Sticking to his “ShoCase” mentality of doing it all, Ward applied his artist management skills to successfully branch off into event management and promotion in the Washington D.C. and Greensboro, N.C. market. No matter his development path, Ward always found time to return to his first love of performing and songwriting, which has won him both local and online songwriting competitions over the years.

Having developed skills that would serve him well not only as an artist but as a businessman, Ward launched ShoCase Entertainment in 2011, a full fledge entertainment production and talent management company. Under the creative advisement and mentorship of producer and engineer, Kosmik, and Don Hankins, film and photography director, Ward not only learned how to instrumentally create sound but how to visually bring that sound to life.

Since its founding, ShoCase Entertainment has produced music videos, short films and commercials all under Ward’s creative advisement, while helping to launch the careers of some of music’s most-buzzed about new artist today including (Michael Marshall, Danielle Lyndsay). His first web series “Insomnia” garnered collectively over 25,000 views on YouTube with 900 pages likes on Facebook. Also being nominated for best screenplay in the 2016 DC WebFest. A true creative force and genius, Ward”s drive and creative influence makes him a true force to be reckoned with.

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