My Name Is David

download (2)Sunday A.A.A.C.C. (Buriel Clay Theater) 5:15pm

My Name Is David (82m, U S A) dir. by Christopher Gallego


David Howard (Keith Powell), an obsessive-compulsive workaholic with a severe addiction to prescription drugs, struggles to find order in a world full of chaos. Desperately in search of a life better than the one he leads, David often relies on his neighbor, Venus (Judy Reyes), a hot-tempered single mother who does what she must to get by. Venus provides David with the companionship he needs, but is hesitant to help him create the home and family that David so desperately seeks. Returning home on the subway late one night, David finds an abandoned package that could be the key to his happiness, or the catalyst that spirals his world completely out of control.


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