Directed by: The Turner Brothers
Running time: 22:27 min.

Sunday JHC  6:00pm


An inner city’s polluted conditions awaken within some young residents a dormant superhuman gene produced by eugenics during slavery (the practice of selective breeding to improve the genetic composition of their ancestors). Now, one woman must confront her friend who chooses to use his powers for wrong.


Directed by: The Turner Brothers
Written by: Julien Turner
Edited by: Justen Turner
Cinematographer: Tyler Clark
THE TURNER BROTHERS Filmmakers and brothers Justen (16) and Julien (21) Turner are co-owners of Dreadhead Films, LLC, a film production company located in Pickerington, OH. Dreadhead Films is the brainchild of the younger of the two brothers– Justen Turner, who in late 2014 and at the age of 12 formally created Dreadhead Films when he produced, directed, and released his first short film “iWitness Christmas.” This film screened at the Columbus International Film Festival and the Wexner Shorts Film Festival that year. In late 2015, he and older brother and talented writer Julien Turner decided to partner together and move forward artistically as The Turner Brothers with the aim of taking Dreadhead Films to the next level. Since joining forces, the Turner brothers have written and produced two award-winning short films, among other projects. In November 2017, older brother Julien, on a whim, posted an extra credit biology rap video that unexpectedly catapulted him to internet fame when it went viral, eclipsing over 1 million views on youtube and nearly 200,000 retweets on twitter. As a result, Julien’s fame expanded the Turner brothers’ platform, allowing him to share their vision and works on major media tv platforms such as Good Morning America, TMZ, TRL, Headline News, Fox, some of the most popular online media platforms across the world. In addition, because of their earlier works, Sesame Workshop commissioned the Turner brothers in November 2017 to produce a live action short film for preschoolers for its Sesame Street tv series, making them two of the youngest filmmakers ever commissioned to do so. As a result of these achievements, they were featured in the 1/21/18 Up Next column in The New York Times. Since July 2018, The Turner brothers have been working on their most ambitious project to date, Nia’s Shadow, a short film about a young, urban African-American female with supernatural powers. In April 2019, after raising nearly $40k via crowdfunding, the Turner brothers completed this short and hopes that it will create the momentum needed to draw the investors required for the feature that they would like to produce about the main character Nia Knight. THE TURNER BROTHERS The Turner brothers have made it their mission to use Dreadhead Films as a vehicle to “speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves” (Proverbs 31:8) and create images and tell stories that entertain, inspire, and uplift. They were recently recognized for their efforts thus far by the online urban magazine The Root and were among the 25 young leaders listed in its 2019 Young Futurists feature in March 2019. A 4.0+ honor student, younger brother Justen is currently a junior at Pickerington North High School (Pickerington, OH). A junior marketing major, older brother Julien is a studentathlete on the Dean’s list at Morehouse College who plays football and participates in the Morehouse honors program. The Turner brothers are the sons of Kevin Turner, a professional jazz guitarist and Ohio State jazz professor, and Dr. Cynthia Turner, an Ohio State accounting professor and ordained Christian minister.

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