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by Moussa Djigo
in Feature


Oscar has just arrived in Montreal with his son Jose en route to a small city in Quebec to introduce the boy to his mother. They miss their bus and are stranded for the night in this unfamiliar city. Later, when Jose is fast asleep, restless Oscar decides to get some air. This is where he meets Diane, looking for her lost dog. They walk side by side through the night streets of Montreal. But are they really looking for a dog? Where will the twists and turns of their stroll lead them? Does Diane’s husband Vincent, set out on a search for his wife, have reasons to worry?
After wandering all night like tortured souls, and meeting a bunch of special characters, among whom the homeless Barack Obama himself, these three scoundrels find themselves together at the bus station in the wee hours of the morning along with dumbfounded Jose. With the help of the cold light of the rising day, all accounts can finally be settled.

Director Biography – Moussa Djigo
Moussa Djigo is an award-winning Canadian director and writer born in Mauritania. He has a baccalaureate in Journalism and two master degrees, one in Mass communication, and another in Film studies. He is terminating a PhD on the new affirmative developments in Canadian Aboriginal cinema.
Author of a book on Spike’s films, he has written, directed and produced two recent feature films. His last movie, Rosalie is selected in several international film festivals and has won the Best Feature Film award at Davinci International Film Festival in Los Angeles where it will showcased in the coming weeks.
He lives in Montreal where he teaches cinema studies, and has found Mood Indigo Films, a production company.

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