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Open Legs With A Closed Mind

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Open Legs With A Closed Mind by Dorothy Lucey


The documentary focuses on the larger population of unwed mothers in the African-American culture. This film also explores interracial dating and why society chooses to be-little African-American women for exposure when all races are guilty of it. How is the Willie E Lynch letter written in 1712 relevant to today’s society?

Director: Rickey Thomas, Jr.

I have loved Television and Films ever since my adolescence, and given the opportunity to run a studio camera at age 14 my passions were ignited. I have to give the credit to my church, “The Tabernacle of Prayer” for having the ambition to start a local television program. The church is actually where all my gifts were exposed and begin to bloom. Through my church I played piano, drums and learned audio systems. I begin to produce, direct and edit the churches shows. By the time I was 19 I had become a hired director who could facilitate and produce live television. I graduated college with a B.A. in Mass Communications with a concentration on Television. After College I became an associate producer for the Inspiration Networks. Where I had the privilege of being mentored by Fred Shaheen one of Televisions great Producers of shows Likes “People’s Court” and “Wammy”. Working for the Networks allowed me to perfect my expertise. Over the years working with the network I produced various spots, videos and was the Associate Producer on countless episodes for a variety of shows. I was eventually promoted to a Producer. I produced a show called “A Muslim Journey to Hope” where I Co-Produced, directed and edited over 86 episodes. So it is with these talents and learned skills that I decided to become an Independent film maker and Freelance Producer creating “Under The Sun Studios”. Under the Sun Studios is capable of Producing, editing, directing and shooting for television and film. We have produced one documentary “Open Legs with a Closed Mind”, a few commercials and music videos thus far. And we have a lot more to come.

Director’s Statement

When Dorothy Lucey first approached me with the idea of Producing a documentary dealing with Black Men, Women , and the black community, as a black man I have to say I had my reserves. Our first meeting left me feeling like I’d met another scorned black woman who had a reason to belittle black men. How wrong I was. Dorothy was questioning the thought process of a black man and why “he” was making the decisions he was making. Why was “he” so quick to date outside of his race when his economic status changed? Why didn’t “he” stay home to raise the family he helped create? Why doesn’t “he” value higher education?

It was through questions like these that made “Open Legs with a Closed Mind” a reality. As the director I wish I could say that watching this film will answer these questions and providesolutions to the problem. But I can’t, however I can say that this film is an ingredient to the solution. Just as the egg is an ingredient to the cake. In order to have the discussion, the discussion has to be brought to the table. “Open legs with a Closed Mind” brings the problems to the table, shedding light to topics that most African Americans are afraid to talk about in the public. Our goal for this film is to make our community aware that Black Men are now an endangered species and our race is headed for extinction. If we do nothing no one else will.


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