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Pride Is Costly

by Shauntay Cherry
in Shorts

Friday 1330 Fillmore JHC 3:45pm

An urban drama about a young man with dreams of success finds himself grappling with choices and consequences when moving back to the hood poses a threat to his future.


Director Biography – Shauntay Cherry
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Shauntay Cherry is an independent filmmaker from Brooklyn, NY who serves as president of Heart of David Pictures (HODP). HODP is a video production company that produces “cinematherapy”; (edgy) spiritually-themed films that combine counseling with fine art to promote personal healing and growth. Cherry, who holds a BS and MS from Syracuse University in Television, Radio, & Film and Media Management, respectively, started HODP with a clear goal in mind; to “transcend the lines of a niche market and bring the human experience from a spiritual perspective to the mainstream audience”.

Cherry’s films differ from projects currently in the market due to her unapologetic approach to truth. She describes her content as being “raw, real and revelatory”. This theme is evident in her body of work which includes the short films, “In the Garden” (award-winning film at Kingdomwood Film Fest 2008), “The Abortionist”, “The Lady Killer”, “Just Another Part of Me”, “Silent Cries: The Prelude”, “Stalk His Ass”, “Use Your Words” and her latest endeavor, “Pride Is Costly”.

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