Pull Your Pants Up

download (2)Sunday A.A.A.C.C. (Buriel Clay Theater) 12pm

Written, produced and  directed by Tracy Jenkins


Part One of the Food for Thought Series:
Educator and humanitarian Tracy Jenkins articulates his views on sagging pants, the style of dress defined by the Urban Dictionary as: Hip-hop and gangster cultural fashion: Wearing one’s pants below the level of the waist, sometimes below the level of the buttocks, with one’s boxer shorts showing. Tracy communicates important reasons how this style of dress can be detrimental, ranging from potential health hazards and employment discrimination to how some in society identify the wearers of this fashion style. Through interviews with others who voice their opinions, Tracy strives to give viewers his Food for Thought awareness.

There are members of society who have seen this fashion in public and wanted to say something but feared the potential of retaliation… “Just looking instead, and shaking their heads.” PULL YOUR PANTS UP!! stimulates thought and discussion on some deeper implications of this style of dress beyond fashion.

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