Directed by: Richard Fields

Helena, an aging dancer who’s injury forced her into retirement, sits alone in a dark bedroom reflecting somberly on the evening’s events. 


Earlier that evening ,Yosef, her husband, enters the dining room as music fills the air, meeting Helena for a night of wine, romance, and dancing. He guides her to the table and surprises her with a gift, but her excitement quickly turns to sorrow as she realizes the loss that lies within.

With new found determination, Helena spends her restless night struggling to regain a life that once was. 

Alone in a room masked in darkness, Helena’s search to overcome her aging body’s physical limits suddenly come to a halt as her world literally come crashing down around her. 

The dust settles and Yosef finds his wife buried within the chaos of her own soul. He kneels to her side in a comforting effort, and slowly embraces her. She smiles as she remembers the warmth of her husband’s love. The screen fades black.