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by Beverly Naya
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Saturday Nia Room 1:30pm


Skin is a feature documentary about exploring through identity the meaning of beauty in all the different shades of black. It is set in present day Lagos, where Nollywood actress Beverly Naya goes on a journey to learn about contrasting perceptions of beauty. She speaks to school children, traders, artists, beauty entrepreneurs and sex workers. This narrative is interwoven by poignant personal accounts of individuals who have dealt with the pressure to conform to certain standards of beauty, revealing how colourism continues to shape the face of the entertainment industry in Africa. Beverly concludes her journey with a trip to her hometown exploring her rich cultural heritage with her mother and grandmother. Between them, we have three generations of beautiful black women who through sheer hard work and self-love have built useful businesses, laying a solid legacy for her and many like her to build upon.

Director Biography – Daniel Etim Effiong
Daniel is a filmmaker passionate about impacting his world through storytelling. His background in Chemical Engineering with experience in the Nigerian oil and gas industry as a design engineer didn’t prevent him from following his passion for entertainment. His knack for stories led him to pursue a second degree in the Motion Picture Medium at the prestigious AFDA Johannesburg, and currently a master’s degree at the University of Johannesburg. He worked as a content producer at NdaniTV, Nigeria’s premium Internet TV platform, where he wrote, directed and produced short films and documentaries. Daniel is also a talented actor, featuring in several feature films and TV series in Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya.

His short film “Crimson – Your Cup of Tea” won the first runner-up prize at the MTN-Afrinolly short film competition for young African filmmakers in 2014 as well as the Kumla Dumor Prize for storytelling. His PSA, “Thato’s Dream” also won the first prize in the Unilever-Mofilm Cannes Lion competition for the Project Sunlight brand in 2015. He has made television commercials for global brands such as Unicef, Shell, Cadburys, Facebook, and Unilever. Now, he tells stories everywhere to inspire new hope with a fresh approach to the African narrative.

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