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by Paul Rivet
in Student

Saturday Buriel Clay Theater 2pm


Andre Willis wants nothing more than to be taken seriously as an actor. There’s just one thing. He’s black and that’s all that the casting directors see. Sick and tired of stereotypical roles and typecasting in Hollywood, Andre decides to audition for a television
remake of “Glengarry Glen Ross” in whiteface. After landing the role, the show becomes a sensation. But for Andre, the fame comes with a price. He feels that he is sacrificing his racial identity for a successful career. After witnessing a young fan mimic
him, he can no longer mask the guilt and shame he feels. He walks away from the fame and fortune with the hopes of producing his own content.

Director Biography – Paul Rivet
After spending several years teaching math and theatre at the high school and middle school level in his hometown of Castle Rock, Colorado, Paul decided to takes his creative dreams to Los Angeles. He began working as an actor in several short films and tv shows. Watching from the sidelines as a background actor in Bones, Westworld, and Clint Eastwood’s Sully helped him realize his passion to write and direct films. He directed Ótumókpó with Nigerian filmmakers while studying at Relativity Media. This film screened at the Nigerian International Film Festival in 2015.
Paul was accepted into the graduate program in Film Directing at Chapman University studying with Martha Coolidge, Mark Christopher, and Andy Lane. In 2017, he became a Marion Knott Scholar working one-on-one with Michael Apted on the development of his feature film, Paper Trail, a road trip comedy.
He is currently working on his Chapman graduate thesis film, Blocked, an experimental mixed media film about the intricacies of writer’s block.

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