dir. by Ann Verrall

Lauren has been working in the sex trade in Toronto. She suddenly returns to her small rural African Nova Scotia community after a five-year absence. Not even the funeral of her beloved grandmother had brought her back. Her child has been raised by her staunchly Christian mother Ardella. The harsh judgment of Ardella makes Lauren want to stay in her grandmother’s empty house, a place that was always her sanctuary. But Ardella has sold the old house. In a fit of rage, Lauren take off. She goes to her grandmother’s and discovers the new owner is a middle-aged white woman, Nadine, who is ripping the guts out of the house. Much to Lauren’s surprise, she discovers common ground with Nadine. They both have a past they want left behind. They both are trying to re-create themselves. The night Lauren spends in her grandmother’s house is not at all what she imagined but it does lead to a discovery that enables her to let the past go and re-enter the lives of her mother and son.