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by Jamaal Bradley
in Animation

Friday 1330 Fillmore JHC 3:45pm

Based on True Events; Jason, the oldest of two boys loves his home but battles with wanting to change the deteriorating community and the desire to leave it behind. Tension turns to anger as Jason and his brother John battle over the decision to embrace the drug culture while simultaneously endangering John’s daughter. Her symbolic gesture will change the future of the family and change her father’s SUBSTANCE.

Director Biography – Jamaal Bradley
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Jamaal Bradley is a Senior Animator at Valve Software and former Supervising Animator at Dreamworks Animation. For over 2 decades he has worked in feature film, video games, commercials, and directed video game cinema-tics. His passion for stories began at a young age finding an escape in comics and graphic novels. The love expanded when he found a larger interest in non-fiction based writings. Stories based around true events drove how he crafted his animation over the years and even became an outlet for the challenges life.

Some of the projects that Jamaal has contributed to include games such as Left 4 Dead 1 & 2, Team Fortress 2, Medal of Honor: Breakthrough, and many others. He has also worked at various studios including; Walt Disney Animation, Sony Pictures Imageworks, and Electronic Arts. He has been a senior animator on Oscar Nominated films such as, Disney’s Tangled, Dreamworks’ Puss in Boots, The Croods, The Croods 2, Penguins of Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda 3, Boss Baby; Sony Imageworks’ Surf’s Up , and Monster House .

Director Statement
The opportunities in our country are endless and can be the start of something beautiful that can enhance a familyʼs future. Society has placed a view in our minds that the feeling of wanting, should be alleviated at all costs. In a race to achieve this, our SUBSTANCE can be morphed over time. And for the most desperate of us, fulfilling this societal norm; the cost is even heavier. Our SUBSTANCE is the fabric that holds us to a moral standard or takes us to the brink of insanity and corruption.
Working for years as an animator and storyteller, I have always had to shield my mind from the troubling side of my family. The question that has plagued me; how can two brothers growing up in a quiet suburb of New Jersey, take such different paths? What was the switch that caused one brotherʼs SUBSTANCE to change over time? I now find myself no longer blocking these questions from my head, but rather exploring them through my passion of breathing life into characters. Using a piece of my families time-line, I set the stage to show something very personal but widely relatable.
I was the kid who played both sides of the fence. A geek by nature, I surrounded myself with friends who ran in the streets and another group who loved comics and games. My brother wasnʼt far behind me enjoying those same childhood indulgences. Over time our interests began to differ. As my path became more focused, my brother was becoming lost in the world. With the obligation of a new child, the lure of the streets caused him to change his SUBSTANCE resulting in a 7 year prison term. Embracing what transpired over the last decade has made me realize that one instance can make any of us change who we are at our core. In this story, it is about letting go of a personal desperation to help change onesʼ SUBSTANCE.
SUBSTANCE is a 5min short film based on the true events of two brothers who clash over ones decision to sell drugs at the expense of a child.

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