Survivor 9


Yana is a refugee living in Los Angeles when she begins to suspect that Fundi, a taxi driver, is a war criminal from her country of origin. Yana recognizes Fundi’s voice as the radio DJ who urged murder and mayhem. It reignites the trauma of her past–especially her inability to save the lives of three school girls in her care. Haunted by these memories, Yana decides to track down the taxi driver, and with the help of zip ties and a machete, commence a private session of truth and reconciliation.
Roy Hurst

Director Biography – ROY HURST

Roy Hurst is an African American journalist and filmmaker perhaps best known for the Participant Media documentaries, #BlackLivesMatter (2015) and Hacking The Presidency (2016). Although Roy has written, directed and produced eight narrative and documentary short films to date, his career as a journalist begins with radio, where he won numerous awards for his reported pieces and documentaries. In 2002 Roy began a six-year stint as an in-house producer for NPR. There he gained a strong reputation as an innovative storyteller and craftsman. His work could be found on All Things Considered, Morning Edition and the Tavis Smiley Show. He has also written, reported and produced for the BBC, American Public Media, and the CBC. In 2007 Roy began to turn his attention to both narrative and documentary filmmaking. He hasn’t looked back.

Director Statement

In the face of no budget and little resources, we set out to create an unusual film ripe with content for our time. The result is Survivor 9.

Guilt invades the empathetic soul. That is the idea behind this “revenge” movie––if I am forced to say something. I am astounded and horrified by man’s capacity for cruelty. Even as a child I was conscious of the impact heinous acts of violence and waves of terror have on witnesses and survivors–especially women and children. Bravery can be elusive under such circumstances. In that sense, Survivor 9 is concerned with healing wounded spirits among the innocent. I hope it resonates with you.

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